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Mobile Games Glossary: Speak Like An Expert

Mobile gamers can sometimes seem like they are speaking a different language - probably because they are! Get the lingo down by reading up on the latest buzzwords.

Know the Different Mobile Games Available
You might know your way around games, but do you know the difference between an adventure and an RPG? Here is a rundown of the types of games you’ll find on the mobile.

What is GSM vs. EDGE vs. CDMA vs. TDMA?
Don't know the difference between GSM, EDGE and the other cell phone types? Check out this article to get schooled.

Video Game Glossary
Video games can require a different language to understand. This glossary breaks down gaming terminology.

Internet Games Glossary
More and more internet games are hitting smartphones, and they are bringing the web gaming lingo with them. Read this glossary before you dive in.

Smartphone Glossary
You're ready to game, but get to know your smartphone before you do. This dictionary of smartphone terms will help you get familiar.

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