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There are hundreds of phones available, but which will ones will give you the most bang for your buck? Here are the top gaming smartphones for you to grab.

Apple iPhone

The best gaming phone on the market, the Apple iPhone (and its non-phone sister, the iPod Touch) has more than 70,000 titles. From sports to strategy, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of iPhone games in every major category. The accelerometer – an internal meter that reads when you tilt the phone – allows for some very cool gameplay options in flight simulators and other types of games. Unfortunately, the iPhone doesn’t have a keyboard or joystick, so muddy controls have ruined many otherwise great games.

Pros:Nearly 100,000 games, easy to download games though iTunes

Cons:No keyboard controls, many mediocre games

The Best iPhone Games!

Blackberry Storm

Photo Courtesy: RIM

Once dubbed the “iPhone Killer”, the Blackberry Storm has carved out its own niche with its own touchscreen and set of games. It has its entire game library available directly through the phone and, using PayPal, you can be playing in minutes, if not seconds. It has a great set of recent console game hits, too. No keyboard, but it has an internal accelerometer to recognize when you tilt the phone. As of 2009, the Storm only supports a few hundred games and third-party websites will charge you more per game.

Pros:Full game library available through phone, touchscreen

Cons:Markup on games bought online, occasionally sticky controls

The Best Blackberry Games!

Palm Pre

Photo Courtesy: Palm

The Palm Pre takes the best of both worlds: A modern touchscreen coupled with an old-school keyboard. Like the Blackberry Storm, the Pre delivers games exclusively through the phone and requires third-party websites to download games through the website. For now, the Palm Pre has a pretty small game library, but the potential of the keyboard/touchscreen titles is huge. The visuals are nice, too. That said, expect to pay a premium for the nice presentation – some Palm games are more than $10.

Pros:Touchscreen and keyboard, full game library available through phone

Cons:Small game library, high prices

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