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Game Review: 'World Series of Poker: Hold 'em Legend'

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Game Review: 'World Series of Poker: Hold 'em Legend'

'WSOP' captures the excitement of casino Texas Hold 'em

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The Bottom Line

World Series of Poker: Hold ‘em Legend is the best poker game on the iPhone/iPod Touch yet.


  • Computer plays a great game of poker
  • Easy to play multiplayer online
  • Varying difficulties
  • Nice graphics and sound
  • Real locations


  • Tough for non-poker players
  • Sometimes lags online


  • Play Texas Hold-‘em with nine players
  • Visit different, real-life casinos
  • Go online to play internationally
  • Unlock achievements

Guide Review - Game Review: 'World Series of Poker: Hold 'em Legend'

Poker games comes a dime a dozen, but World Series of Poker: Hold ‘em Legend captures the risk, the difficulty and the fun of the game extremely well. There are two primary options: quick, stand-alone “cash” games and lengthier career mode. Based on Texas Hold ‘em, which gives two cards to each individual to create the best spread with the five community cards, World Series of Poker: Hold ‘em Legend supports up to nine players at a time. The result is an interesting, aggressive dynamic, particularly because the computer artificial intelligence is sharp. You’ll actually begin to recognize personalities, as in “Dave always bluffs” or “Jane doesn’t know how to handle strong cards”. The patterns are impressive. The only thing arguably better than the computer opponents is playing online against real people. It’s been out only for a handful of weeks, but there are always opponents online – enough for it to take about 10 seconds to get a nine-player match. There can be occasional lag, but overall the online games run as smooth as the single-player ones. The career mode is equally meaty, giving several real-life casinos, Texas Hold ‘em variations and plenty of high stakes. It’s impossible to completely lose, but being out of money will send you back to the basic tables for little dough until your bankroll is built back up. As a long-time poker fan, I highly recommend World Series of Poker: Hold ‘em Legend to any card player.

Publisher: Glu Games

Genre: Cards

Release Date: October 2009

Reviewed On: iPhone/iPod Touch

Available For: iPhone/iPod Touch

Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars

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