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Game Review: 'Peggle'

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Game Review: 'Peggle'

The hit 'Peggle' works well on the phone.

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The Bottom Line

Peggle is one of the most addictive puzzle games ever made – and it translates nearly perfectly to the mobile phone.


  • Even-paced gameplay
  • Colorful graphics
  • Dozens of levels
  • Controls ideal on mobile


  • Occasional slowdown
  • Adds nothing to the previous versions


  • Mobile version of the popular puzzle game
  • Shoot a ball to hit orange bumpers
  • Choose between ten different characters with different strengths
  • Carbon copy of the other versions

Guide Review - Game Review: 'Peggle'

The puzzle game Peggle is a must-have for two types of people: Those of us who have been maddingly addicted to the online or console versions of the game and those of us who are yet to be exposed to this gem. The goal is to shoot a ball against all the orange bumpers onscreen before it drops through the bottomless pit below. What you control is the angle of the shooter and, later, which character you use to shoot the ball. There are dozens of levels, all with different motifs and challenges, and each character has a special power, such as multiball or explosives, to help you collect the orange items. The controls are extremely well suited for the iPhone/iPod Touch, not only because you can literally tap on where you want the ball to go, but because a little, perfectly sensitive dial on the right allows precise aim (which, as Peggle junkies know, is gold). The whole package is here. There are only two quibbles. One, later levels actually slow down when there is too much action onscreen – more noticeable on earlier addition iPhones than later versions. Two, there are seemingly no additional levels or challenges in the mobile Peggle , which means previous fans already know exactly what to expect. However, fans know that just having a portable Peggle is reason enough to get this game. Puzzle fans should have downloaded it yesterday.

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Publisher: PopCap

Genre: Puzzle

Release Date: May 2009

Reviewed On: iPhone/iPod Touch

Available On: Blackberry – iPhone/iPod Touch – Windows Mobile

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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