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Game Review: 'Pac-Man'

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Game Review: 'Pac-Man'

The classic 'Pac-Man' is on the mobile.

Photo Courtesy: Namco Networks

The Bottom Line

Pac-Man is just what you remember – no frills, no gimmicks.


  • Same as the classic arcade game
  • Different difficulty and controls options
  • Crisp graphics


  • Controls take a while to get used to
  • No additional modes beyond arcade


  • Based on arcade classic
  • Munch pellets and avoid ghosts
  • Get one of four power pellets to eat enemies
  • Depending on phone, use touchscreen, joystick or tilt to move

Guide Review - Game Review: 'Pac-Man'

Pac-Man is definitely classic status and the mobile game keeps it simple and elegant. Pac-Man is all about moving the round yellow guy through a maze, gobbling pellets and avoiding the four ghosts. No tricky A.I. or awesome graphics here – go to the technically superior Ms. Pac-Man for the fancy stuff – but Pac-Man holds down the old-school blueprint with nice arcade action. I believe its emulated – that is, the same code from the arcade game – so every bonus and every glitch seems intact. Like its sequel, Pac-Man’s only flaw are the controls which can be d-pad or keyboard, or, on the touchscreen phones, tilt or finger-slide. As fans know, Pac-Man needs a joystick. That said, you can’t get any closer to capturing the old arcade feeling than mobile Pac-Man

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Publisher: Namco Networks

Genre: Arcade

Release Date: July 2009

Reviewed On: iPhone/iPod Touch

Available For: iPhone/iPod Touch – Palm – Windows Mobile

Rating: 3.0 out of 5 stars

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