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Game Review: 'Earthworm Jim'

About.com Rating 1.5 Star Rating


Game Review: 'Earthworm Jim'

'Earthworm Jim' is a carbon copy of the '90s platformer.

Photo Courtesy: Gameloft

The Bottom Line

A tough-edged platform game, Earthworm Jim just doesn’t translate well to the mobile.


  • Same visuals as the ‘90s classic
  • Tough challenge


  • Too hard
  • Frustrating, repetitive gameplay
  • Sloppy controls
  • Weird story without context


  • Run through an unusual cartoon environment
  • Leap over bottomless pits
  • Use weapons to dispatch quirky enemies
  • Face inventive bosses throughout the level

Guide Review - Game Review: 'Earthworm Jim'

Earthworm Jim is one of many ‘90s character-driven platformers, but even the strange, quirky hero can’t save this aged old-school game. A worm using a spacesuit that gives human-like powers, Earthworm Jim must stop an evil force using his pea shooter and whiptastic sidearm. It’s a run-and-jump platformer, but it’s all about characters here: random crows attacking from above, animated garbage cans with vendettas and, perhaps the most strange, cows used as checkpoints. It’s a carbon copy of the old-school game, which is actually the problem here. First, the difficulty is extremely high – it starts with ridiculously frustrating jumps and gets even more difficulty. Second, the Sega Genesis-based controls don’t translate well to the touchscreen, making the already had game a waste. Finally, the wonderful characters aren’t even explained – no storyline here – so the funny, absorbing enemies are wasted and feel, well, random. Hate to say it, but Earthworm Jim can’t be recommended in its current state, even to die-hard fans.

Publisher: Gameloft

Genre: Arcade

Release Date: October 2009

Reviewed On: iPhone/iPod Touch

Available For: iPhone/iPod Touch

Rating: 1.5 out of 5 stars

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