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Game Review of Board Game ‘Monopoly’ iPhone, Blackberry, Palm and Windows Mobile

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Game Review of Board Game ‘Monopoly’ iPhone, Blackberry, Palm and Windows Mobile

'Monopoly' translates extremely well to the mobile phone.

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The Bottom Line

Monopoly is the best board game interpretation on the iPhone so far.


  • Stays true to the original board game
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Funny animations
  • Lots of multiplayer options
  • Faster paced than the original


  • Large leap between three difficulty levels
  • High memory requirements mean little else can run during game


  • Based on the classic board game
  • Buy and hold as much property as possible
  • Trade and barter with opponents
  • Collect money from rent on properties

Guide Review - Game Review of Board Game ‘Monopoly’ iPhone, Blackberry, Palm and Windows Mobile

The classic board game was addictive, but Monopoly on the mobile is a brilliant interpretation that cuts all the fat, number crunching and slow pacing from the original. As you probably recall, the goal of Monopoly is to own as much property and as much money as possible by game's end, bankrupting your opponents in the process. Set up in Atlantic City, real life streets and locations can be purchased and built upon with homes and hotels. Rent is paid when you land on someone's property - the main way money is made in Monopoly - and a simple roll of the (virtual) dice can get you on a very expensive property and into some serious hot water. Deals are the name of the game here, and properties can be swapped, sold and auctioned off. Monopoly has all the great features: four players via wi-fi, Bluetooth and single phone, with combinations of computer and human opponents; automatic saving of game when a phone call comes in; classic player icons like the race car, the dog and the iron (now animated); game history statistics and more. The one quibble is that the learning curve between computer difficulty 1 and difficulty 2 is pretty steep, and, with only three levels, there could have been more increments. On the positive side, instructions can be toggled on and off for newcomers. Best of all, mammoth, four-hour games are cut down significantly - expect to play a full game of Monopoly in less than an hour. For my money, Monopoly is the best board game video game I've ever played.

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Publisher: EA Mobile

Genre: Arcade

Release Date: December 2009

Reviewed On: iPhone/iPod Touch

Available For: Blackberry, Palm and Windows Mobile

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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