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Game Review: 'Drop7'

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Game Review: 'Drop7'

Drop7 is almost as addictive as Tetris.

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The Bottom Line

Addictive from the start, Drop7 combines the strategy of Tetris with the number play of Suduko. The result is a must-have for all puzzle fans.


  • Easy to learn
  • Extremely addictive
  • Well suited for the mobile phone


  • Merciless in later levels
  • Only three different game modes
  • Uploading score to the leaderboard requires a Facebook account


  • Move numbered balls into a pit
  • Match numbers to eliminate balls
  • No time limit, which puts the focus on strategy
  • The floor raises after a certain number of turns
  • The game ends when any balls reach the top

Guide Review - Game Review: 'Drop7'

Simple and addictive, Drop7 can be mentioned in the same breath as Tetris and Sudoku. A series of balls, numbered 1 through 7, fall into a pit. You must match the like number of balls to eliminate them – pair up five balls to remove the ball with the “5” on it, etc – before they reach the ceiling. It’s more complex than it sounds and, as you learn the ropes, Drop7 changes from a game of survival to a game of strategy. There isn’t much variety between the three game modes offered, but the basic game alone will keep you entertained literally for hours. Drop7 is a definitive game for the iPhone and required playing for anyone interested in puzzle titles.

Publisher: Area/Code

Genre: Puzzle

Release Date: March 2009

Platform: iPhone/iPod Touch

Other Platforms: None

Rating: 4 ½ out of 5 stars

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