1. Technology

Gameplay Tips: Top Scores and Ultimate Hints

Anyone can play on the phone, but it takes a unique set of skills to master mobile gaming. Here is tips and tricks central, the place to come to step up your game.

Saving Mobile Games
Like a home video game, each mobile game has a different way of keeping your progress: Some automatically save your game at certain points, while others required you to do it manually. Here are some guidelines.

How to Protect Your Mobile Games After You Purchase Them
Home games can be physically taken care of by protecting the cartridge or CD and keeping the game system clean. But mobile games are different because they are stored directly on your phone. Fortunately, there are many ways to protect your purchase.

Video Game Cheats
Whether an ace or a novice, we all get stuck sometimes. Visit here to get the latest video game tips and tricks.

Gameplay 101: Shooters
Known for blistering action and intense fingerwork, shooters have their own pacing and feel. Here's an excellent overview of what to expect from a shooter.

Multiplayer Strategy and Sports Games 101
Now wi-fi and wireless friendly, most smartphones have online competitive play in strategy and sports games. Here's an overview of the gameplay basics.

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