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Game Companies: Know Which Ones You Can Trust

One company may be known for great action games, but horrible puzzle titles, while another brings awesome strategy games to your mobile device. Know who you are buying from before making that next purchase.

Exclusive: The John Carmack Interview
John Carmack on new Doom, making Mario games and his iPhone love

Mobile Sports Game Companies
Equal parts speed and strategy, good sports games are hard to come by on the mobile phone. Here are some companies that specialize in the goal, the gridiron and the alleyoop.

Mobile Game Company: Gameloft
Gameloft has quality action and sports game for all the major cell phones.

Mobile Game Company: Glu
Glu's games have colorful visuals and solid gameplay across all the major smartphone platforms.

Mobile Game Company: EA Mobile
EA Mobile brings virtually all of Electronic Arts' home hits to the cell phone.

Mobile Game Company: Freeverse
Despite the poetic name, Freeverse brings a variety of quality sports and action games to the iPhone and Windows Mobile phones.

Arcade Game 'Tapcloud' for the Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad
Arcade Game 'Tapcloud' for the Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad

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