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The First Multiplatform Android iPhone Game: Skies of Glory Interview


The First Multiplatform Android iPhone Game: Skies of Glory Interview

'Skies of Glory' is the first Android-iPhone crossplatform game.

Photo Courtesy: SGN

Evoking memories of old-school PC dogfights, Skies of Glory has been burning up the iPhone/iPod Touch charts since its December release. Publisher SGN has now done something remarkable: Made the new Android version compatible with the Apple game (Buy Direct from Apple). This is a first. Droid and other Android handset gamers can play against the Apple iPhone/iPod Touch folks.

In an exclusive interview, I talk with SGN CEO Randy Breen about the success of the World War II game, the difference between Android and Apple, and what other platforms we can expect in the (near) future.

Damon Brown: Tell me about Skies of Glory game.

Randy Breen: Well, we just released the game for Android. It is a World War II dogfighting flight sim - an action game - and you can play missions and campaigns loosely based on real WW II events. You can play by yourself, but can play against others on a server together. It's like a deathmatch, like Quake, and everyone is competing. Battles can be individual or team based.

Are all the players on one server so anyone can play with anyone?

Tech compacity hasn't been released, but the number that can compete is 8 to 10 players per match. You can select a match, like rooms, and can be over a mountain landscapes, water, and so on. But the activity is fairly local, so you jump in and immediately see people.

I remember one of the challenges with the older games that inspired Skies of Glory was that it took a while to actually find other gamers in the levels.

It's important for mobile games to jump in quickly and, as a result, get the benefits faster. I also don't expect players to spend as much time in one setting as a PC game. The games can be played over 3G or LAN, too, so you can jump in anytime.

How long has it been out?

It came on the iPhone in mid-December. With SGN, we look at product support as a service, so we have updated content with new planes, and such several times since the release.

How many players do you have now?

The number of downloads are in the 1.5 million range.

Is that for the paid or the free app?

There is no difference really, as the paid app just includes parts available (via in-app purchases) in the free version.

Why has it taken so long for games to go crossplatform?

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