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Must-Have Thursday: 'Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit'

Thursday December 30, 2010
Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit manages to cram a whole lot of console-worthy gameplay into a fun, action-packed iPhone/iPod experience. It's a tough cops-and-robbers game that will definitely keep you ... Read More

Old-School Monday: Golden Axe

Monday December 27, 2010
Golden Axe is a certified arcade classic, but the boom-bap beat-'em-up seems empty on the mobile phone. Maybe it's the dated graphics, maybe it's the repetitive gameplay, but Golden Axe ... Read More

Must-Have Thursday: 'Infinity Blade'

Thursday December 23, 2010
Infinity Blade is one of the best mobile games I've ever played. Check out the Infinity Blade review to find out why. Previously: Must-Have Thursday: TRON: Legacy Follow me on Twitter!

Action Game of the Year Samurai II On Sale

Monday December 20, 2010
The intense Samurai II: Vengeance was my pick for Action Game of the Year, and now you can grab the iPhone/iPod classic for $.99. Take advantage of it. If you need ... Read More

OpenFeint Game Center Brings Us Quick Sales

Friday December 17, 2010
Looking for a bargain? The mobile social network OpenFeint Game Center now has deals of the day. Check out OpenFeint and you'll see deep discounts on titles -- something we ... Read More

Must-Have Thursday: TRON: Legacy

Thursday December 16, 2010
Movie games are usually too ambitious, but Disney's TRON: Legacy wins because it keeps things simple. Two great arcade experiences (light cycles and airborne shootouts) and lots of levels combined ... Read More

Myst Sequel Riven Hits the iPad, iPhone

Wednesday December 15, 2010
Back in the '90s, folks went nuts for Riven, the highly-anticipated sequel to the graphic adventure Myst. Known more for its lush visuals than its gameplay, Riven showcased the power ... Read More

Old-School Monday: 'R-Type'

Monday December 13, 2010
R-Type is one of those classic '80s shooters that had even the most dedicated gamers pulling their hair out. Both beautiful and frustrating, the mobile version of R-Type is very ... Read More

New Illusia RPG out now from Zenonia creators

Thursday December 9, 2010
Gamevil's Zenonia 2 already copped the About.com Mobile Adventure Game of the Year award, but the next action/adventure might be even better. The iPhone/iPod game Illusia puts a side-scrolling spin ... Read More

Samurai II Mini-game Available for Free

Friday December 3, 2010
Samurai II: Vengeance won the About.com Action Mobile Game of 2010, but now you can test drive a mini-game for free. Samurai II: Dojo is a free endurance mode where ... Read More

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